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Alzheimers Taranaki Inc - Social Day Volunteers

The hardworking people at Alzheimers Taranaki provide; support, advice, information and advocacy for people with dementia.  They also educate and inform the wider community about dementia and remove the stigma attached to this disease that affects so many of our families today.

Volunteers are required to assist with the Social Day that takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  At this time clients are offered a few hours of respite and social activities from 10.00am until 3.00pm in the welcoming venue in Waimea Street, New Plymouth.  This special time allows everyone to enjoy a fun filled and active atmosphere for a few hours.  It is really important that a good mix of male and female volunteers is available.  So if you have a friendly nature that can add to this social interaction with people who really appreciate the time you spend with them, then here is your chance to make a huge difference to someone's day.  A fortnightly roster is arranged, so the commitment is not too difficult to meet.  

If you think that you might be that special person who has a kind heart and patient nature, understands peoples needs, and willing to work in a relaxed, fun team environment, then now is the time to give Wendy a call at Volunteering New Plymouth on (06)758-8986,  text / phone 022 571 4228 or email  for any additional information and to arrange for an interview with Robyn, she is looking forward to hearing from you.



We are very excited to be working with Fraser of New Plymouth District Council to help expand the volunteer numbers for this year's TSB Festival of Lights 2020/21.

Every year the Events Teams work really hard to bring together the events within our community. They could not do it as well as they do without the great support of awesome volunteers - who give of their time to maintain the friendly atmosphere of these events. It is always a fun and lively experience and those who have previously volunteered most often come back year on year.

The Festival starts 19th December 2020 through to 31st January 2021. Shifts are 8.00pm – 11pm.

You are provided with a free festival t-shirt and there is a great wrap up party at the end of the festival. You have rostered nights on and you can select which nights of the week you prefer and also list dates you are not available. You are paired up for the night – so if you have a friend (who is also volunteering) and you would like to be together then you can request that too.

We are making a call out to those who have not yet registered to help. Registrations close on September 30th, 2020. If you have the digital technology to register here is the Link: . This will take you to the website and click on the icon with three bars on the top right hand side, which will then show Get Involved it will explain there about volunteering and then Apply Now tab to register.

We know that there are people who would really enjoy being part of this great event and perhaps have not seen it advertised or have not registered because they are not in the digital age and are not able to register on line.

We have an alternative for you - if you phone us we can take your details and register for you.

There are some criteria to volunteering:

Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age and be prepared to work from 8:00pm – 11pm for a minimum of 6 nights during the festival.

There are two volunteer roles at the 2020 / 21 Festival – seated and mobile.

  1. Seated – Festival Hub & Hatchery Lawn (Hatchery Lawn during the on stage programme only) – meet and greet the public, talk about what’s on, hand out maps, brochures and encourage them to fill in the survey and enter the competition to WIN.
  2. Mobile role – Various locations including the Fernery – hang out at the various interactive features and engage the public, talk about the feature, artist and show them how to use it! – You get a chance to spend the night at 2/3 features over the course of the night in this role.

So please, if you think you would like to help or just want to know more, contact Wendy or Marie at Volunteering New Plymouth on    (06) 758-8986, email: or phone or text 027 541 0577 (Marie) or  022 571 4228 (Wendy) so that they can register your interest to help


Salvation Army Family Store: 

The Salvation Army offers a ‘hand-up’ to Kiwis in need, providing services such as food banks, budgeting courses, employment training, addiction services, community garden projects, emergency services and much, much more. They are an organisation that relies on the generosity of others to provide these valuable resources to the local community. Their Family Stores are a wonderful part of their organisation and raise a large amount of money that is then distributed back into the community.

In New Plymouth the Family Store is on the lookout for friendly volunteers willing to become a part of the wonderful team who work on a roster system from Monday through to Saturday.  You can work at times to suit you and any time that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Currently they are looking for people who can work behind the counter, who are passionate about people and customer service. If you have previous experience that would be wonderful however there is the opportunity to gain transferrable cash handling and retail customer service skills. Full training will be provided and a reference to support you in moving on to your future career. You may also have the opportunity to enrol in a retail course that allows you to gain NCEA credits and a certificate in retail and customer service.

Are you a person who would like to help the Salvation Army help our community? Or are you curious to learn more?  If so then please call Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on (06) 7588-986; email or phone / text 022 571 4228 so that contact can be arranged.


Citizens Advice Bureau:

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a branch of a national organisation Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand (CABNZ), This organisation is dedicated to providing all members of our New Zealand community with independent help and support on any matter that they may require.

The aims of CABNZ are to:

1) Ensure that individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their rights and responsibilities, or of the services available, or through an inability to express their needs effectively. 

2) Exert a responsible influence on the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally.

To achieve these aims CAB offer accurate, comprehensive and up to date information, advice and advocacy that is free, confidential and impartial.

New Plymouth CAB branch is open from 9.30am – 3.30pm Monday through Friday and is staffed by trained volunteers. There are 10 shifts per week which are from 9.30am – 12.30pm and 12.30pm – 3.30pm and two volunteers (Bureau members) are rostered on each shift. The Bureau offers a free legal service one nigh per week, usually a Monday and usually from 7.15 – 9pm and one Bureau member is rostered to assist the duty solicitor on this night.

To become a Bureau member it does require commitment, there is a requirement to perform a duty once a fortnight, and in general a commitment of approximately 10 – 15 hours per month is needed. This includes assisting with the day to day running of the Bureau and participating on at least one of the teams which could consist of organising information resources, maintaining the information systems and other technology, organising social gatherings, giving talks to other community groups, publicity or learning and development.  Monthly learning and development sessions are held every third Wednesday 12.30pm – 2pm and a volunteer must attend 7 out of 10 per year. There is flexibility in all this and you are able to select your own shifts to fit with your lifestyle. So if you think, I would like to do that but I am wanting to travel for a few weeks or months and / or want to spend time with family (and don’t want to let people down or have to get someone to take my roster ) this could be the perfect role for you as there is the ability to be rostered out of those times .

There is a process of Police check and signing a declaration of confidentiality to be completed and once accepted there is an induction period and the observation sessions then after successfully completing these key steps there is a probation period and finally Accreditation and Volunteer Certificate is awarded.

The friendly people at the Bureau are extending an invitation to prospective volunteers to go along and spend some time in the office to see how it all works, so if you would like to visit and find out more about the role CAB and the Bureau members play in our community then please contact Wendy or Marie at Volunteering New Plymouth on (06) 758 8986, email: or phone / text 027 541 0577 (Marie), 022 571 4228 (Wendy) so that we can arrange for your visit.